Trailer League of Legends: The Beginning

Trailer League of Legends: The Beginning

League of Legends: The Beginning is a full-length documentary for the Academy Award nominee Leslie Iverks. The film shows how LoL evolved and formed a community that made the League one of the most popular computer games in history and .

The search for the game takes place in the game client, which does not greatly damage your computer. In this menu, you can buy a new champion, see existing ones, dress him up, set up your profile, read updates, etc. And yes, there are a lot of skins in the game, so you will definitely find your style.

In the gameplay plan, ranked games are no different from the usual ones, they just pick up opponents according to your skills. After the game selects players for you by level, several champions of the week will be available to you. These characters change every week, so newcomers always have a choice who to play with. It is also a good way to try out a hero before buying it. After choosing a champion, we must choose the runes that help us during the game. Healers, pancakes, shields and much more that will strengthen our character.



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