Riot released a teaser for the anime series on League of Legends

Riot released a teaser for the anime series on League of Legends

Riot Games has announced the anime series for the universe of League of Legends – Arcane. Fans have already suggested that one of the main characters of the picture will be Jinx. The release is scheduled for 2020.

Due to the eternal battles, the island was destroyed and turned into a scorched desert, and the inhabitants of Voloran thought that it was necessary to somehow stop this and created the League of Legends. Let the one allowing to resolve all disputes in the fields of justice. Champions called up by interruptors must fight for one of the warring parties to destroy the enemy Nexus. No one will dare to convict this way of resolving conflicts as meaningless, because the League of Legends was created by the three strongest breakers mi Therefore, the champions are forced to fight each other, in order to satisfy their commanders

The game begins with training, playing up to level 3, you will already have access to games against real people. At the beginning of the game you must undergo training that will introduce you to all the features of the game. After you will be available a game with bots, in which you will learn the best cards and learn how to play for some characters. Having finished up to the 3rd level, games against real people will already be available to you, where you can put the acquired knowledge into practice. Yes, until the 3rd level, you will not be able to access the regime with real people, but do not be upset, this is done for your own good. Firstly, you will be able to better know the game and the game process before you are called a noob. And secondly, people who have been playing League of Legends for several years will not have to deal with a person who does not even know which buttons to press.


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