Riot Games fined Cloud9 at $ 175 thousand

Riot Games fined Cloud9 at $ 175 thousand

Cloud9 will have to pay Riot Games $ 175 thousand fine for violating the rules of the American League for League of Legends – LCS. This was reported by ESPN, citing its own sources.

The game is constantly updated and supplemented, and recently players have received a completely new mode and a new map – Dominion. Here the battle is unfolding for control points-portals, which are symmetrically arranged around the circumference. To take a point, you need to activate the portal, and this takes time, during which you can be interrupted by an enemy attack. Accordingly, in this mode, the role of coordinated team actions is especially important.

League of Legends authors pay special attention to the development of the gaming universe. As a background for violent battles in arenas, they came up with a whole virtual world of Valoran, with their heroes and villains, milestones and conflicts. There is even a newspaper of its own, which regularly reports on news and events taking place in Valoran.


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