Dawnbringer Karma skin will appear by the end of the year

Dawnbringer Karma skin will appear by the end of the year

Riot Games about “revealed that all the money from the sale of Dawnbringer Karma skin will go to charity. The developers of League of Legends did not specify when the image would appear in the store, they did not say what the conclusion was on

Judging by the appearance, the Dawnbringer Karma skin is part of the same series as the Dawnbringer Riven or Nightbringer Yasuo presented during the Versus 2017 event.

This is the eighth skin for Karma that has been released since the character was created. Lastly, the Dark Star of Karma became – it was introduced in June 2019.

Raneye Riot Games has already carried out similar actions, in the course of which all the proceeds from sales of skins by developers were transferred to charitable foundations. So it was with the images of the Dark Star ChoGat and the Ashe Championship.

On October 16, Riot Games broadcasted in the chest of the decade of the League of Legends. During the festive broadcast, the developers introduced a new hero, a mobile version of the game, an e-sports manager simulator, a tactical shooter, a card game Legends of Runter Takes


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