League of Legends World Cup Schedule and Results

League of Legends World Cup Schedule and Results

From October 2 to November 10, Europe hosts the 2019 World Championship – the decisive international championship of the season in League of Legends. 24 teams are performing at the tournament, among which the only representative of the CIS is Unicorns of Love.

The league was born in the field, putting before the developers some obstacles to the gameplay plan that needed to be stepped over so as not to become doubles or even clones. One of the first decisions was to free the heroes from the notorious “strength \ dexterity \ intelligence \ vitality” strategy.

How could this be replaced? Firstly, the automatic and personal development of the “level by level” of the hero, when the statistics rose depending on the champion. Secondly, a deeper statistics of champions. There were clear indicators of LifeStill-a, damage penetration, SpellWamp-a, attack speed and much more, which led to 3 point


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