Riot Games announces third beta for Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games announces third beta for Teamfight Tactics

Riot Games shared the details of the third version of the beta pass for Teamfight Tactics. It will appear in the game on October 9 along with patch 9.20 and will remain relevant until update 9.22 for 5 weeks.

The fact that the Riots created their own universe and helped the League to become independent from its ancestor in the future and give a round of development and increase in the list of characters the game has at its disposal. Those. when your hands are not tied up by an already invented and untwisted franchise, you do not depend on the opinion of people who believe that in this game the champion behaves differently from the source and you can expand as much as you like – you come to what the League of Legends has come to : to the diversity of heroes, worlds, things, stories and themes.

At the moment, MOBA-style games have already moved to a new level of gameplay capabilities. For example, the recent SMITE, a game dominated by gods recruited from everywhere, has become a third-person action game filled with directional skills, which allows you to make a strategic game much faster and put the player not as a “hand of the Lord,” but as a hero. This helped the game become quite attractive for beginners and not lovers of the classic MOBA genre.


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