Jubilee Stream LoL October 15th

Jubilee Stream LoL October 15th

This fall, League of Legends marks 10 years, and in honor of the anniversary, a special stream is planned on October 15, which will include a lively look at the past, present and future of LoL.

Besides how the League is replenished with new cards and modes, for example, “One for all. Mirror Mod ”, people come up with special entertainments, centered on some features of the characters. One of the once popular custom modes was “Find Timo”, as well as “Protect Sorak”. Whoever says the complexity of the game – the League remains very friendly to beginners at first, you will not really notice the difference with other games, only if there are fewer people who love your mothers at first.

But if you decide to go further in the game, you cannot avoid certain transformations. However, these transformations are the destiny of all such games. For the first time in my entire digital life and playing f2p projects, I do not regret a single purchase and even crave more digital things that I want to spend on. But this does not mean that in every game these features are used.


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