Unicorns of Love won LCL Summer 2019

Unicorns of Love won LCL Summer 2019

Unicorns of Love beat Vega Squadron 3-2 in the League of Legends LCL Summer 2019 Final. The team of Edward Edward Abgaryan earned $ 30 thousand, and also received a slot in the Play-In stage at Worlds 2019.

At first, it’s difficult to choose your appearance, because you don’t know most skins, and information content usually comes down to watching a video and describing it on websites. Then, you begin to notice the price. Then, one involuntarily asks the question: “Why does one skin cost the minimum, and the other the maximum?”

This is the type of skins that change the visual component of your hero and this only applies to his textures, some accessories are added to the main model and its color changes, as well as spels art. Most of these skins were released in the second season and are considered a bit outdated. They brighten up your pastime in the game and can serve as a good impetus to buying more thoughtful and beautiful. A distinctive feature of these skins is that they often fall into the discount zone.


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