Aphelius of Targon – New Character in League of Legends

Aphelius of Targon – New Character in League of Legends

Just recently Senna came out, which not everyone had time to try in the Summoner Gorge, when suddenly Riot Games announced a new character – the shooter Afelia. There is no information about the character’s skills, but Riot added his biography .

Finally, League of Legends has a micropayment system. Unlike DotA and DotA 2, only a few heroes are initially available here, and more powerful ones need to be bought either for “influence points” earned in battle, or for real money converted into local currency. You can also buy cute skins for your wards and special boosts for money at a local store. Someone, perhaps, this will scare everything away, but in fact the system of microtransactions in League of Legends is far from being as aggressive and intrusive as in some “shareware” online games. The main gaming features here are quite accessible without any extra financial injections. Runes, for example, for real money you can’t buy at all.

In fairness, we note that there are also disadvantages in the game – especially in comparison with the future DotA 2. League of Legends really lacks a system for recording, viewing and replays of matches. And the connection is not so fast: if in the DotA 2 beta we almost immediately plunged into the dynamics of PvP battles, then in League of Legends you have to wait a very long time when you find a match and pick up an opponent. There is no system for training a beginner with the help of player coaches. However, in general, all this is minor flaws, which, judging by the regularity of updates, the authors may well fix in the near future.


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