Teamfight Tactics Element Gains Strength Beta Bet

Teamfight Tactics Element Gains Strength Beta Bet

On the live server of Teamfight Tactics, a new game set has recently appeared called ‘Elements are gaining strength’, which replaced all the old units and rules of the game. Along with the new update, another free beta pass appeared in the game. However, he .

There are towers on each road, 3 for each team. The towers are strong defensive structures; they automatically attack enemy champions or minions. Behind the third tower is a special building – an inhibitor. When the enemy inhibitor is destroyed, your Nexus will start sending another super-minion to your line with each wave of minions. Super minion is much stronger than usual, which gives a significant advantage in the game. In order to destroy the Nexus and win the game, it is necessary in order to break all 3 towers on the line, the inhibitor and 2 more towers located directly in front of the nexus.

Between the roads there is a forest in which there are neutral monsters. The forest is symmetrical for each team (i.e., the location of monsters on its territory for both teams is symmetrical). Neutral monsters for their killing bring experience and gold, some special buffs that strengthen for the time of your champion or the whole team. Let’s look at a map of the location of neutral monsters.


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