Senna review video for League of Legends

Senna review video for League of Legends

Today, Riot Games published a review video of the new Senna champion for the MOBA League of Legends. In the video, the developers demonstrated all the skills of this champion and told what Senna is, it could not have done without .

Now let’s look at the interface inside the game. It shows your portrait and level, your current characteristics, your items and your gold. Your abilities and buttons are shown here, when clicked, you can use one or another ability, your current and maximum amount of health and mana. Minimap. It displays all the champions, minions, and towers that are in sight of you or your allies. It shows the time of the game, the score of your killings / deaths / assists and the total score of the game.

Let’s now go through the game tutorial. To do this, click the Play button, select Tutorials on the left and then Launch. Complete the Basic tutorial first and then the Battle training. Now we can start our first match. But first, let’s look at what game modes are. The game has spells that act not on the target, but on a specific area.


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