Rumor: League of Legends Mobile first shots on the net

Rumor: League of Legends Mobile first shots on the net

In late May, it became known that Tencent and Riot Games were working on a mobile version of League of Legends. Since then, no official information has been received, but this weekend a Facebook user named Paradise Enriquez posted in a fan group on the game leaked from a Chinese source Bilibili screenshots.

A promising American team, Cloud 9, which broke into the finals of the third season of LCS with a minimum number of losses, has recently acquired a rather unexpected sponsor. The US Air Force Reserve Fund decided to take players under its wing, justifying this by the fact that young people now began to show pain our interest in this matter, and even if they do it, let them do it on a sound basis.

Most pro-players are limited in earnings since Having signed a contract to participate in LCS, they cannot earn money on other games, either playing them professionally or just having a channel with competitor streams. But this does not interfere with the overall picture. We are used to seeing the teams separately, but not many people realize that most of these teams are part of the Official Multigaming Communities.


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