League of Legends kicks off Worlds 2019 event

League of Legends kicks off Worlds 2019 event

The developers of the MOBA League of Legends announced the start of the Worlds 2019 gaming event. It’s already clear from the name that the event is dedicated to the annual world championship and it includes a list of missions, which players receive special rewards, such as .

Also, champions with very serious mechanics were introduced, working with whom it was necessary to have a reaction, the ability to position oneself, as well as to know their assemblies and the ability to use “summoner skills”. There was a place for the transforming heroes, instead of 4 acting skills, which received as many as 8 not similar to each other.

The game has become faster due to a more compact map, distribution of its own system of “bushes”, teleporting both to and from the base and increasing the base speed of the hero’s step not only due to “slippers”. After the first steps, some corrections were made and the “Runes Pages” and “Masterias” were added, allowing to more finely set your initial strategy against the opponent.


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