League of Legends – 2019 World Cup: Tournament format

League of Legends – 2019 World Cup: Tournament format

Do you have questions about the format of the 2019 World Cup? Riot Quickshot Tells and Shows

Not everyone, of course, became available with such flexibility, but now most champions could change lines, creating more and more new systems and anti-systems. And the more heroes became, the more objects and at the same time opportunities became possible, because now you can see heroes who were once strong “pro-casters” and now, thanks to control, can stand on the line as assistants, tobish with support.

The skill bank has now become 4-digit + 1 passive skill, individual for each champion, revealing its mechanics. Creation and development of new forms of skills, based not only on “mana”. The heroes used their skills for skills. The main source, which became the rage, it could be accumulated by increasing the critical chance or lowered for treatment.


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