League of Legends 10 season starts on January 10

League of Legends 10 season starts on January 10

Riot Games approached the announcement of the start date of the 10th season in League of Legends quite standardly – they published a poster with the silhouette of Urgot, in which a man in chains and with the inscription ‘In 5 days we will break them .

Each hero is not only a killing machine with unique skills and visual style, but also a character with his own story, harmoniously integrated into the game world. Of course, not everyone will read biographies, but if you want to know a little more about your favorite character, you will have such an opportunity.

The world of League of Legends is divided into regions, countries and cities. And each location in the stories of the characters is associated with their worldview. For example, when you look at the champions from Demasia – princes and knights in shining armor – it will immediately become clear that they are guided by a strict code of ethics and a sense of duty. And the representatives of the hostile Noxus empire, on the contrary, are cunning and bloodthirsty, for them honor is an empty phrase. In contrast to all the rest, there are Ionians living in harmony with nature, magic and themselves.


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