Aphelion Champion trailer for League of Legends

Aphelion Champion trailer for League of Legends

Following the recent announcement of the new champion Aphelion for the MMO League of Legends, developers from the company Riot Games published a trailer for this champion.

Unlike DotA, there is grass on the main map. It is very convenient to hide in it, waiting for the enemy. Baron Nashor. The strongest monster in the game. Killing usually requires the efforts of the entire team. Gives 300 gold and buff to everyone in your team. The buff gives 40 AP (ability power), 40 AD (attack damage), health regeneration equal to 3% of your maximum lives in 5 seconds, and mana regeneration equal to 1% of your maximum mana in 5 seconds. Buff lasts for 4 minutes.

Another major difference between League of Legends from DotA and future DotA 2 is that there are several maps. In addition to the classic “five by five” mode, the location of The Summoner’s Rift has a three-for-three game on another map – The Twisted Treeline. There, too, you need to get to the enemy base, but already along two paths running through a dark, gloomy forest.


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