Some Details on League of Legends 2020

Some Details on League of Legends 2020

Riot Games wants to remind you that the year 2020 will be very eventful for League of Legends, and especially for its entree. Since League of Legends is a multiplayer competitive game, the Riot team .

Runes are passive improvements, they need to be correctly selected for the type of attack and the functions of a specific champion. A page with runes should be prepared before the start of the game. It gets into six improvements from two different branches. With the help of runes, you can get a bonus to health, magical and physical attacks, useful items and a lot of other goodies.

Summoner spells are more like character skills. They work when pressed, and out of a common set for all, you can take only two into a match. Extremely useful tricks! For example, “Jump” will allow you to teleport a short distance to escape from the enemy or catch him. And “Healing” after activation will immediately restore you and your chosen ally a little health. Just remember that Summoner spells recharge for a very long time. Use them wisely.


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