PraY makes his LCK return by sweeping Jin Air Green Wings

PraY makes his LCK return by sweeping Jin Air Green Wings

Two weeks after announcing his return to professional League of Legends, AD carry Kim “PraY” Jong-in was now standing next to new teammate Hwang “Kingen” Seong-hoon at the center of LoL Park’s main stage, ready to give his first ever interview in the venue. 

PraY’s debut as KT Rolster’s new starting AD carry ended in victory, with KT beating Jin Air Green Wings in the LCK Summer Split’s opening match.

“I was a little bit nervous,” PraY said, talking about making his LCK return. “But after a couple minutes in-game, I was able to adapt really well.”

PraY did more than adapt, reprising his role as a beacon of stability, something sorely needed in the previous iteration of KT seen in spring.  

But PraY’s return match was not all smooth. In game two Pray and support No “SnowFlower” Hoi-jong were forced to face off against Lux support, who recently rose in popularity with the Aftershock keystone mastery. Admitting that he and SnowFlower were “a little surprised” by Jin Air’s Lux pick after the fact, PraY had a hard time dealing with the Lux Sivir duo, which resulted in “some mistakes in the laning phase” by the KT bot lane duo. 

Pray’s game two hiccups were made irrelevant thanks to KT top laner Kingen, and his monstrous performances this series, earning him two mvp awards for games one and two.

Playing Pyke in game one, Kingen took over the first major teamfight, finding a triple kill while his teammates secured the Rift Herald.

Kingen’s heroics continued in game two, with the top laner finding a massive engage as Sylas with a stolen Neeko ultimate, which resulted in KT’s game two win. “We actually almost lost that game, however Kingen was able to make some great engages in teamfights, so we were able to turn the game around,” PraY said.

Now back in the LCK for at least another competitive split, PraY urges his fans to come watch him play. “There are a lot of fans saying that “I missed you play,” and “I couldn’t see you because of school or work.” There might not be much more time so I hope you guys can come to the arena and support me,” PraY. 

Fans next chance to catch PraY play live will be on June 8, when KT take on Hanwha Life Esports.  


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