Turn of Fate Tavern open

Turn of Fate Tavern open

Yesterday, on August 29, the “Turn of Fate” tavern reopened, which again, for Silver coins, will allow us to get chests – risky or guaranteed.

It’s no secret that every game that a large number of gamers liked, will certainly be reflected in many things: videos, cosplay, covers for the main tunes, recently, streams, numerous reviews, gatherings, mods, amateur films, fan fiction and much more.

The fact is that we are part of a world where the exchange of information is so fast that you do not notice how many useful and interesting things pass by you. However, support from users, no matter what it manifests itself in, is the best way to disseminate information about a product that wants to be in the thread. The best advertising is the one that goes through the game into the minds of users and then is passed from mouth to mouth, and when there is a high-quality visual or sound series, it becomes interesting to us and we try. Then everything goes by the screening method.


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