The Legends of Tilt: A History of Origin

The Legends of Tilt: A History of Origin

Legends of Tilt: A Story of the Origin of Four Types of This Phenomenon is a playful video clip from Riot Games that will tell us in the form of a story about tilt, which will feature four characters.

Victorious skins coming out only at the end of the season. There are 2 types. One is Championship, sold at the end of LCS, and only at specific times. And the second one, recently – Victorios, is given for active promotion on the rating ladder and usually goes to the hero who is most played this season. Championship Thresh and Victorious Elise.

For special craftsmen, it is possible to add Custom Skins, which you can see only on your screen, while others will see the skin by default. Of course, their quality is lame, but there are pleasant exceptions. But sometimes even professionals such as Faker do not like this pampering and perform at large events with heroes without images.


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