TFT – Powerful Shocks (Update)

TFT – Powerful Shocks (Update)

In the upcoming update, they will add new items for TFT. Gloves will become these objects, therefore we will pass to the description:

Escaping from oblivion, the guys were able to ensure that their videos were officially embedded in the game client on the occasion of the end of the hexakil mod. This is a channel for analyzing high-ranking or more interesting games in a beautiful shell. Of course, this is not a complete list of channels. There is also a musical group InstaLock singing remodeled pop songs in the style of boy bands.

A jester of all jesters among streamers. He screams, achs, howls and yells, sometimes freezes in various costumes when streaming. They hate him, but still watch, most likely because of the music in the streams. Jumpinthepack is a channel of short videos about epic battles, failures, shoots, dodges and much more. Pawnce – Fresh reviews from the test server. Analytics of future changes, as well as assemblies. Recently shows new images. It plays perfectly on Top. A must-see for those who like good games, and expect to get useful information.


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