Teamfight Tactics may see viewer mode soon

Teamfight Tactics may see viewer mode soon

Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer, Teamfight Tactics lead designer, took part in the Nathon Blaustoise Blau stream. During answers to users’ questions from the chat, he confirmed that now the team is really working on the spectator mode for the autobutter and implementation .

You can consider yourself a super-player, you can spend days on the fly in training and learn all aspects of the game, but when it comes to managing your business, not the game, many people get confused and look for answers to simple questions, such as: Where to get money ? How to arrange your workouts? How to knock out a training base? How to go to another country? And much more.

As in most types of “special sports”, for example bodybuilding, the main task for most teams in e-sports is to find cash and a sponsor. It’s always hard to do anything on an empty stomach, and eSports is accessible to everyone, but it’s still not a “sport of the poor,” like football. However, nowadays not only producers of peripherals and drinks are turning their attention to this discipline.


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