SK Telecom T1 became the champion of LCK Summer 2019

SK Telecom T1 became the champion of LCK Summer 2019

SK Telecom T1 beat Griffin in the final of the LCK Summer 2019 Summer Split League of Legends. This is the sixth LCK trophy in Lee Faker San Hyuk’s career.

The visual update in the League is a powerful factor on which the entire empire of developers stands. This is the main income and therefore the Riots are trying their best to convey the whole palette of colors that is going on in their concept. They mix styles: add futurism, realism or mysticism, thereby finding a response in the hearts of a huge number of people with a wide variety of tastes. Sometimes, the skin can return the hero to popularity. Sometimes, the skin can scare the enemy, thereby making it clear that you are professional enough for this hero and you need to be careful. As we can see, not always, even in ordinary single-game projects of big games, the DLC as a set of weapons looks appropriate and appropriate to the game. Sometimes, as in most f2p games, visual paid updates are not worth the money, be it pants or a wrap. Most of these things in many games are very difficult to call adequate, but people take it.

Riot-s showed that their brainchild has a very great potential for development, because they have no framework in the visual part. Not a single skin or hero looks as if they don’t belong here, walk on crutches or walk in fur. Each release of a new skin is a very laborious process that is always tested and transmitted in the best possible way to the players on the official server.


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