Senna Champion Animated Trailer – League of Legends

Senna Champion Animated Trailer – League of Legends

A new support will appear in League of Legends – Senna, the wife of Lucian, whose soul was consumed by Tresh. The girl’s set of skills is still unknown, but her gameplay will be more like a shooter, rather than a traditional support champion. Senna will appear on the test server .

Well, then you get to respawn, where you get the necessary things and go to the line. Swing, earn experience, money, buy new items and become stronger. If possible, try to cooperate with your allies to kill the enemy. Eat the line, kill with a team of forest mobs and finally destroy the enemy Nexus. That is the main goal of the game. But in order to achieve it, you need to become stronger than your opponent. The game has many features, so the League of Legends can drag you in for hours.

Also, the game has a ranked game, which will be available from level 30 and when buying 20 champions. This is done so that for 30 levels, a person can gain experience and not spoil the game for the rest. In terms of gameplay, ranked games are no different from regular ones. The only difference is that you play with people who are selected according to your skills. In this mode, you are assigned a certain rank. If you win, they give you a certain amount of points, when they lose, they take it away.


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