Phoenix – Official Cinematic of the 2019 World of League of Legends Championship

Phoenix – Official Cinematic of the 2019 World of League of Legends Championship

Riot Games presented the official cinematic of the beginning of the main stage of the League of Legends World Championship 2019. 16 teams, a ton of games, emotions and composure, one winner! We will find out who it will be soon, but for now enjoy the excellent .

Surprisingly, the war going on in the Fields of Justice does not come down to confrontation between Demasia and Noxus (two large city-states, the alpha males of Runeterra), there is a place for heroes who came from the depths of wild forests; from islands filled with the dead; from lost cities, forgotten civilizations; from Void – an analogue of the Warp universe of Warhummer, capable of perverting even the strongest minds, spitting into the world of Runeterra by unknown monsters; crazy scientists of Zauna; Yordles from Bundle City; the executive powers of Piltover, along with his bandits; arrived from other dimensions of their own free will or against it; Bilgewater’s pirates and victims; Zen Buddhists of the looted Ionia; the militant sisters of Freljord and their allies; as well as neutral heroes pursuing their mercantile or great goals and many others.

It is LORE that is able to prolong the pleasure of the game when it starts to bother you or you can no longer be satisfied with a normal battle. One of the developers, however, said that it is better to develop a general concept of charismatic heroes than to go into historical details, clogging his head with a bunch of text playing. This was repeated more than once and people began to relate to the universe in a new way, gathering in interest groups or discussing another plot twist on forums and streams.


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