League of Legends World Cup official track 2019

League of Legends World Cup official track 2019

Riot Games released the official Phoenix song dedicated to the League of Legends World Cup 2019. Song performed by Caillin Russo and Chrissy Costanza

The fact that this statement does not correctly confirm how people begin to relate to the universe when new champions come out, when developers reinforce their release with video clips and colorful interactive comics. No need to go far. One of the most serious revisions in the recent past has concerned Freljord. When Lissandra, the third sister of the snowy lands, appeared on the League stage, the Riots redid the story, making it more logical and interesting, adding details and turning the usual game set into “running after the crown.”

If a sister participated in one game set on both sides of the teams – in the middle of the game, under the conditions fulfilled, a quest might appear, according to which it was necessary to confirm their right to the Freljord crown, destroying the sister or helping to destroy it. The winner got a stylish crown. At the same time, each player could choose the icon of belonging to one of the factions, playing with it a certain number of games.


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