League of Legends Tests Clash Tournament System

League of Legends Tests Clash Tournament System

The developers of MOBA League of Legends announced their readiness to test the new ‘Clash’ tournament system and at the same time announced the start of the preparatory phase. This event will be attended by users who have at least a second level .

The increase in tactical capabilities due to the fact that the heroes began to use the “Power of skills” and “Physical strength” and stopped receiving fixed damage to the skill, which now rose not only with the level, but also with the help of things bought in the store. Also, auto-attack has become physical and independent of “strength \ dexterity \ intelligence \ vitality”, some skills also got a physical lift instead of “strength skills”. This also led to a rethinking of the protective factor, which was divided into “armor” and “magic resistance”.

What did it give? Now the heroes were free to choose their path of development. And if your champion was tied to the “power of skills”, but had good control – he could take the role of “Marx-exchange”, i.e. inflicting damage as a regular shooter, or merge into the “power of skills” and become a “pro-caster”, capable of withstanding the opponent in one set of skills. Also, having understood what direction the team of opponents plays, it was necessary to collect the tank in various types of resistance, and if the choice was bad – in the end you could withstand physical damage and be thick enough, but an opponent fattened by “power of skills” could cut you like butter.


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