League of Legends may receive voice-over kits for in-game events

League of Legends may receive voice-over kits for in-game events

Riot Games can add in-game voice-over kits to League of Legends. Information about this appeared on social networks, where the company’s product manager asked MOBA fans if they want such kits to appear .

But if you look closely, you can find differences – and there will also be many of them. To begin with, League of Legends has a more interesting and diverse role-playing system. As expected, there is a choice of a lot of unlike each other heroes (champions), which are controlled by the player. All of them are divided into several classes: archers, melee fighters, magicians, support, assassins, “tanks”. Before the start of the round, you need to choose a hero, and then in battle he will gain experience and develop skills.

However, the role-playing system in League of Legends is not limited to champions and their skills. The fact is that the player himself acts here as a powerful sorcerer. As his heroes succeed directly in battles, so does his own caster level. With each new step, he can open one passive skill that will give a bonus to champions in battle – increasing, for example, the effectiveness of their magic attacks or increasing defense. This is the so-called “skill”, which is divided into three branches: defensive, attacking and universal. And for the “influence points” earned by the heroes in the battle, the player can buy runes, which also give all kinds of pleasant bonuses in the battle. Moreover, runes can be combined with each other, achieving the desired effect.


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