League of Legends – Major Changes in Update 9.19

League of Legends – Major Changes in Update 9.19

The developers of MOBA League of Legends announced the release of the next update 9.19. This update is mainly aimed at balanced edits in the game, as well as new images have been introduced. As for Teamfight Tactics mode, users will get a new figure .

Moving to the League from other similar games, it was necessary to review some aspects of the game and start training from scratch. There was no longer a “strategy” in terms of genre, for the most part it was an action game enclosed in a “strategic” shell. In what other game will you be forced to chase after axes, which give an increase in damage and all strive to fly to the other side, but if you do not catch them, you will sink in damage and heal, which will lead to death?

Wall-to-wall battles have become more diverse, making it possible, depending on the choice of heroes, to become lightning-fast or prolonged. Snowboarding, when one team, gaining strength in the initial stage of the game became unstoppable, became almost impossible, because it was possible to get out of any situation thanks to the correct set of heroes and positioning.


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