League of Legends fans are offered to buy a jacket for

League of Legends fans are offered to buy a jacket for

Riot Games, together with Louis Vuitton fashion house, introduced the LVxLoL capsule collection inspired by the League of Legends universe. This is not the first collaboration between the companies – earlier they presented a one-of-a-kind case for the Cup .

If we are talking about fan service, it’s impossible not to mention the images of champions. Each character in the game has a unique appearance, it is extremely difficult to confuse the heroes. But in addition to the standard appearance, each champion has skins that can be purchased for in-game currency. Take, for example, the Star Defenders line of images that refer to the iconic Sailor Moon.

This team includes the restless bully Jinx, but how such a character can stand on the protection of the universe and starlight. But since then, a completely different story. You can interact with them. It is very cold on this bridge. It is not surprising that Poro has such fur coats.


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