League of Legends European server reaches 3 million players

League of Legends European server reaches 3 million players

The DOT Esports portal, with a link to the statistical site op.gg, reports that the number of registered accounts on the League of Legends West European server has exceeded the mark of 3 million people.

Critical strike shows the probability of a critical strike. Critical strike deals 200% damage, but can be increased using runes or an Infinity Edge item. Life steal Shows how many percent of the physical damage you cause will return to you in the form of health. Armor penetration shows how much armor decreases in enemy champions. Magic penetration shows how much reduced Magic resistance in enemy champions. Movement speed shows the speed of the champion.

Ability power shows how much stronger your abilities become. Not all abilities depend on this parameter. Cooldown reduction shows how percentages of your abilities will decrease. It has a maximum of 40%. Magic resistance shows protection against magic attacks. It is considered by the same formula as armor.


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