League of Legends begins New Year's event 2020

League of Legends begins New Year's event 2020

Riot Games announced the start of the New Year 2020 New Year event. In which users are invited to receive various Darks for active participation in the game. The event will be held from December 4, 12:00 Moscow time until December 18, 11:59 .

After the Defense of the Ancients map, made in the editor of Warcraft 3, gained immense popularity and became not only an independent game, but also a separate e-sports genre, many wanted to bask in the rays of its glory. But if Heroes Of Newerth became an outspoken clone of DotA, then League of Legends, released two years ago, can be called a rather free remake.

Several developers of DotA itself worked on the creation of League of Legends, so the essence and basic mechanics of the game did not undergo any special changes. The main actions unfold on a map where two teams of heroes must get through a series of turrets to an enemy base and destroy carefully guarded crystals. Three paths lead to the base, along which computer-controlled minions regularly run to the enemy (in DotA these were “creeps”).


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