League of Legends 2020: Images and Events

League of Legends 2020: Images and Events

Studio Riot Games continues to issue developer diaries and in the new release they shared with the community plans for new events in the game and images for the champions.

A game card is a square in the opposite corners of which there are base teams, blue and red. The bases are connected by three lines: the upper (popularly “top”), middle (“mid”) and lower (“bot”). Between the lines is a forest. And diagonally the river crosses the map.

The main goal is to reach the enemy’s base and break the main building there, the nexus. The enemy champions in the amount of five pieces will interfere with the fulfillment of your sacred mission, the enemy towers – three on each line and a couple more at the nexus itself, as well as enemy minions running out from the enemy base every half minute. So much of the enemy that is just awful! The only reassurance is that you have the same assortment.


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