Clubs: September 2019 season

Clubs: September 2019 season

The program #LOL Clubs does not take a break until December, but will work during the fall.

Most important: content is not born out of nowhere! Just as much as the game is full – so will its community develop. To support users and for the sake of promotion, Riot Games employees can respond and respond when they have time for this. So how do you earn the respect of the company and make the company respect you?

The league just rose due to users and what appeared in the time of the afflicted. Yes, now the market is full of such games and every company wants to stick its nose in MOBA, and about 4 years ago, people gladly took on something new. As a result, rather weak, as it seems now, the League was able to grab itself by the balls and take the right step in the development of itself.


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