Champion Review: Aphelius | Gameplay – League of Legends

Champion Review: Aphelius | Gameplay – League of Legends

League of Legends developers introduced a new champion of the game. They became Aphelius – a shooter from the order of the Lunari.

In addition to the classic “Summoners Gorge” map with three lines, the game also has a “Cursed Forest” for 3×3 battles and a “Howling Abyss”. The last card with a special ARAM mode (All Random All Mid) was introduced later than the others. In fact, it’s just a snowy bridge with protective towers. The task in the round is the same: get to the enemy base and destroy the main building. The difficulty is that at the beginning of the match all players are given random champions.

From the very first day of the howling abyss on the bridge, in addition to blood-thirsty characters, fluffy white lumps with pink tongues appeared – poro. On the maps in the League of Legends, all kinds of animals are often found: squirrels, frogs, butterflies. They are neither aggressive nor friendly, they are just part of the environment.


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