Worlds 2019 Event Trailer in League of Legends

Worlds 2019 Event Trailer in League of Legends

The developers of the MOBA League of Legends announced the start of the Worlds 2019 gaming event. It’s already clear from the name that the event is dedicated to the annual world championship and it includes a list of missions, which players receive special rewards, such as .

The correct distribution of runes for one or another champion, for one or another role could help dominate the initial stages of the game with good hands, or choose a strategy for gradual development, when some runes did not immediately give a huge increase to the “strength of skills”, but could “level beyond level ”to bring much more“ power of skills ”than if you took instant ones.

In general, an incredible number of changes occurred, which helped only in the external plan to remain true to the DotA tradition. For those who want to get acquainted with the history of Valoran in the video series, all the same xDlate Production make a whole series through the history of Runterra.


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