The four most important changes to patch 9.17 League of Legends

The four most important changes to patch 9.17 League of Legends

Traditionally, every two weeks, League of Legends receives balance updates and new skins. Until patch 9.19, which will host the World Cup, there is nothing left, so Riot Games is trying to smooth out all the outstanding problems and bring the balance as close as possible .

Sp4zie is a good fellow. His streams are full of delirium, beatbox and fun. It is very interesting to watch the games in his team, which by the way has 2 guys. PlayerPOV are my favorites. Led by Kobe, they arrange whole bacchanalia in games with pretty funny comments. They have a girl in their team – LiLiPICHU, talking in a cheerful voice. Kobe sometimes has fun reading the speaker on behalf of the characters.

5-7 years ago, eSports was for selected players who were so good in their field that they simply could not go unnoticed. The first teams, the first official events, the first big contracts and gaming communities. The only problem at that time was the manager and their fabulous percentage of victories. Because most of the players were young and a little detached from this world – it was easy to take advantage of their naivety.


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