TFT – Little Legends (Star Defenders)

TFT – Little Legends (Star Defenders)

Very soon, new small legends star defenders will appear in the vast League of Legends and TFT, which will be released a few days after update 9.18.

The basic love should be given to beginners and then 2 sites come to mind: and an analogue of gameguyz. These two sites are always full of comprehensive information for beginners and continue to travel the vast expanses of the League. Here you will find an incredible amount of guides, news, schemes, efficiency of various heroes, as well as analytical data regarding peaks and counter-peaks, as well as the synergy of the champions. It is also possible to view statistics of your own account and data on the current game, although the last one I always neglect because I don’t see the point of knowing what rank the champion is against you.

When YouTube appeared on humanity, people began to become famous around television. League users were no exception and now there is always the right channel that will help you in promoting the game or have fun with a selection of the most idiotic videos. One of the flagships of this topic is MachinimaRealm. This channel has several League lines, including the weekly Random LoL Moments or the rarer “Top 5-10 of any stuff”.


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