Riot Gaming has announced a new virtual music group

Riot Gaming has announced a new virtual music group

Riot Games introduced the new virtual music group True Damage. It included Qiyana, Senna, Akali, Ekko and Yasuo. Her debut track, Giants, will be featured at the opening ceremony of the 2019 World Championship League of Legends finals.

Let’s see what the characteristics of champions mean. Health Shows how much damage a champion can take before he dies. Health regeneration shows how much health a champion regains in 5 seconds. Mana shows how much mana the champion has. Mana is required to use the champion’s abilities. Some champions do not have mana, but they have energy. Energy is restored much faster than mana, but its amount cannot be increased by things. If a champion has neither mana nor energy, then usually he can use abilities to roll them back.

Mana regeneration shows how much mana a champion will recover in 5 seconds. Attack damage shows how much the champion deals physical damage using an auto attack. It may also affect some abilities. Attack spee. Shows how many auto attacks a champion can inflict in 1 second. Has a maximum of 2.5.


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