League of Legends released update 9.19

League of Legends released update 9.19

The developers of MOBA League of Legends announced the release of the next update 9.19. This update is mainly aimed at balanced edits in the game, as well as new images have been introduced. As for Teamfight Tactics mode .

Summing up in this section, we can say that the League has become an individual and self-sufficient product that has given people new opportunities in the game, which most of them already knew or thought they knew. Even if part of everything that was brought in from third-party manufacturers, even this seemed like a fresh solution, because it was modified and served under completely different seasonings and side dishes. Filled with small details, flexibility, completely remote from ordinary concepts, pumping, constant replenishment by the heroes of their processing and processing, perpetual movement towards action and balance – the League of Legends has come to what we are now observing, namely, dominance on our line.

You can add a touch of rivalry to any business, making this business something more than just performing any action. Once, when playing World of Warcraft, I hit a whirlpool of pursuit of achievements. Then it was really a chase, along with the general rating of guilds and personal digital values. It is the achievements that show exactly what you did, and the figures only tell how much you spent on it and how much you got from it.


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