Cinematic trailer for Star Defenders for League of Legends

Cinematic trailer for Star Defenders for League of Legends

The company Riot Games has published a fresh cinematic trailer for the upcoming Star Defenders. With the release of update 9.18 in League of Legends, star-themed skins for the champions will appear: Shaya, Reikan, Zoe and Nico

The quality of these skins is on average much better than the 975s, but up to the highest price category they lack details. I myself really like these skins. They simply transform the hero and his skills. Alas, there are no discounts on such skins. And they are released quite rarely.

After rethinking the price of skins, some of them, worth 975 RP, went up, but some Legendary fell in price. Discounts are valid, especially at the beginning of the sale of such a skin, when its price drops by 35% for a week. The legendary skin completely changes the face of the champion. Such skins get a new model, textures and splash art. Along with this, having completely updated animations of skills and actions, new sounds and cues.


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