Cinematic Star Defenders Trailer for League of Legends

Cinematic Star Defenders Trailer for League of Legends

The company Riot Games has published a fresh cinematic trailer for the upcoming Star Defenders. With the release of update 9.18 in League of Legends, star-themed skins for the champions will appear: Shaya, Reikan, Zoe and Nico.

Now we accumulate all the changes that were in the previous price categories, add the icon of the summoner both during loading and during the game, plus, a completely new voice acting, a new model and the most important – evolution. Exactly. Those. with each level you will change externally, as your skills will become more colorful. The kit also includes small animated inserts. Riot-s are even able to release a separate video, not only a review, but also artistically set.

There are 2 such skins at the moment. When they go out, they receive a 50% discount for a week, after which they are not subject to sales. If a gamer loves a hero very much – for him this is the best gift. In addition to dry numbers and facts, there are whole lines of skins for a particular occasion, stylized for a variety of topics and for a variety of champions, which gives an incentive to the whole team to buy a line.


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