League of Legends – Aphelius, Weapon of Faith | Champion trailer

League of Legends – Aphelius, Weapon of Faith | Champion trailer

Following the recent announcement of the new champion Aphelion for the MMO League of Legends, developers from the company Riot Games published a trailer for this champion.

Before the battle, the player must choose not only the champion, but also which runes and skills of “skill” will affect him. Finally, you need to select two special spells that the player, like a powerful sorcerer, can use in the arena, helping his fighter. Their action can be very different. One spell slows down the enemy hero, the second accelerates its own, the third heals the hero and his closest allies. There are a dozen magically their attacks, and as the caster level rises, new ones open.

Such a detailed adjustment of bonuses and bonuses turns League of Legends into an exact science: the player must correctly combine the strengths of the chosen hero with the appropriate “skill” and runes. Considering that today there are more than 80 champions in the game, and they are all unique, you can imagine what a breakthrough of opportunities is lurking here.


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